Sunday, January 8, 2012

The River: Writing Challenge Day 7

Dread.  It feels like a rotted hole in my gut, until the appointed time.  A twisted cousin to anticipation.  Wishing for precious time to pass, just to get it over with.

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  1. If I faced such a situation, I would ask myself three things. First, is it a life and death matter (the "time" itself, not the ramifications); if the answer is no, then I would ask myself, "What is the worst thing that can happen?" and I would do my best to answer the question. Finally, I would ask myself, "What if that really did happen? What would I do?" It also helps me top write it out.

    And Sarah? All is not lost in the gluten versus bread dilemma. Annie makes and sells a half-dozen different types of gluten-free breads at our farmers market, up here on the ridge every Wednesday in season. If baking is not your thing, there are commercially baked breads that are very user friendly. It's hard to go gluten-free, but it's doable, and Annie has a dozen books on the subject. The one she always sends out to anyone she comes into contact with, who needs help, is called "Gluten-Free for Dummies." It tells how to create a "dedicated kitchen."


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