Friday, January 13, 2012

The River: Writing Challenge Day 12

Sad Christmas tree.  Neglected in season this year and now past its prime.  It cries out to be taken down, out of its misery, and free from the cat's attempts to climb it, where it can hope for a better experience next year.


  1. Unprecedented weather: 51 days since Thanksgiving, and gorgeous weather the whole way. Never having had much luck controlling the weather, I just enjoy it, and ignore the politically correct, who keep yammering on about how this could be a drought. This is only January-we have a lot of winter still ahead. At least my firewood scene has been enhanced by the fact that I have only burned one cord of wood instead of three or more. Happy days.

    1. I try to enjoy whatever comes with the weather too. Can't do a bloody thing about it, so might as well look for the positives!

  2. Oops, Sarah, the above comment was meant for the other post, about this year's crazy weather. But I do agree that the longer a sad tree sits, the harder it is to take care of business. I guess it just goes to show that if it wasn't sad now, it wouldn't have been so intense three weeks ago.

  3. My tree is down, and outside, but it only moved as far as the front porch. I noticed today that it looks so sad and we are fast turning into that weird house (every neighborhood has one, I just didn't think it would be mine)!


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