Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The River: Writing Challenge Day 11

As much as I hate campaign season and politics in general, like many (most?) things I have to remember that this is a by product of something very positive - in this case, the fabulous gift of freedom.  To have a say in the leadership of my school, township, city, county, state and/or country is freedom.  To have an opinion and freely speak it, about the choices, the system, or the opinions of anyone else, is freedom.  My voice can be as loud as I want it to be, or silent, and that is also freedom.  As angry as it all makes me at times, and as sad and despondent, I am grateful for that freedom.


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  2. Sorry, I messed up that other comment and deleted it. What I wanted to say was AMEN SISTER!! I totally agree with you - - we live in such a great land of freedom and too often we take it for granted, especially lately. I lived abroad for over a year and have a first-hand view of our freedoms compared to those of other lands. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I like this quote a lot: "My voice can be as loud as I want it to be, or silent, and that is also freedom." Included in our list of freedoms, is freedom of choice. We can be part of the charge, or part of the silent majority, 99 percenters, if you prefer. This is an excellent reminder.


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