Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The River: Writing Challenge Day 3

Today I noticed schedules.  It was my first day back to work after 11 days off, and the kids' first day back to school.  We had lived for 11 days without an alarm clock or much of an agenda.  While the schedule this morning created a nice and tidy framework for us, the marching beat of the clock was unpleasant and pressing.  And today was a good day - no-one hollered or threw a temper tantrum about getting up or getting dressed, satisfactory breakfast options were available, and there was no homework or missing library books causing a desperate scramble - it was a pretty well-oiled machine this morning.  But even on the best of days, it felt like a very unnatural struggle.


  1. Sarah, I think schedules are way overrated sometimes. and the tick tock of the clock (especially in the morning) is annoying as heck!!

  2. I better keep a low profile on this one. I may be the only person in this circle, who does not have to adhere to any but self-imposed schedules. I will stick to noticing the absence of a schedule, thank you.

  3. Oh yes, Markey, you had better just hold that tongue. I think that is the worst part about going to work. Not only do you get robbed of your time, but also are told exactly how that time that is taken from you is to be spent, Bah humbug!


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