Thursday, January 26, 2012

Now here's a thought...

Someone shared this link on Facebook today.  It's an article by Jon Acuff from Dave Ramsey's site about how to figure out what your dream job is ... obviously I checked it out and read a very interesting idea.  Totally paraphrasing here, but what I got out of it was the idea that the path to figuring out what you want to do with your life is to consider what you have already done that you liked...

I want to spend some time thinking about that...what have I done in my life that I liked?
  • I have always always loved to read - nothing "like" about it. 
  • I have always liked to tell stories and make people laugh (especially myself)
  • I like keeping in touch with people
  • I like to bring people together - find common ground and create unity.
  • I love watching sports - particularly high school sports involving kids I know.
  • I like to solve problems by breaking down the problem and trying to think things through in variable ways - particularly problems faced by others.
  • Best job I ever had - bar none - was the season I got to keep stats for the mens basketball team in college.  I love love love keeping stats for sports.
  • I love being on vacation.
  • I love to bake - that might be the only housekeeping related task I actually enjoy.
  • I enjoy making certain kinds of jewelry.
  • I like mowing the lawn and I liked gardening when I lived in Seattle (where there were no biting bugs and lovely things grow like crazy).
  • I have enjoyed various athletic pursuits over the years:  volleyball, downhill and XC skiing, step aerobics, kick boxing, racquetball...
  • I am good at, and have always enjoyed, being a student.
 So Mr. Acuff, what do you make of that?  Again with the new ideas to bounce around and see where they take me!  Kind of an exciting place to be right now!


  1. Oh I've got to read this. I recently had a meeting with our OD person about this. Our company is being purchased by another, and then merging us with one of their subs. Everyone around here is nervous though they say no layoffs. I need to get my head around what I *like* to do and not box myself into *what* I do. And good luck, you have made a great start! Thanks for the link!

  2. You have quite wide range of likes! There are lots of doors that can open for you and you are still doing something that you like. I have been down this career exploration path several times in my life. It always seems to come back to communication (reading, writing, speaking), creating, problem solving, and caring about things and people. Always end up on the human services aisle.....


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