Monday, January 23, 2012

The River: Writing Challenge Day 18

Patient:  I used to joke that pregnancy, for me, was a lesson in patience.  There is nothing to do but wait until the baby says it's ready.  That is a tough lesson for me.  I learn a new facet of how to be patient every day.  And I need to keep learning because it does not come naurally to me.


  1. I go from one extreme to the other in the patience department--patient almost to a fault in waiting for change rather than working toward it. And then I snap and become crazy-eyed with impatience for a bit. I need to find a balance, I think.

  2. I am learning patience but it does not come easily to me. When we expecting Sonny Boy, he chose to just not be born - and, from 34 weeks on, the midwife was telling me, this baby is coming anytime....due date came and went and two weeks more came and went. He was due a week or so before spring break and we were - stupidly - counting on that week off for dad. I got angrier and angrier that this baby wasn't budging. Let's say, I was already finding our that kids will do what kids will do. Finally at 42 weeks, there was some concern about the loss of amniotic fluid so they induced. It was a hard long labor - but he finally presented himself. And proved to be one of the most happy go lucky, mellow baby ever. Pretty much all his life, he has done things at his own speed. Potty trained and talked late, read late, all those things - but when he did it, he did it quite well. Interesting stuff/

  3. The old saying went like this: "Patience is a virtue-have if you can, found seldom in a woman and never in a man," or "Patience is a virtue-have it if you can, found never in a woman, seldom in a man." Multi-faceted expression, to cover all applications. I love your reflections on these words.


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