Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The River: Writing Challenge Day 10

I have photos of my kids on my bulletin board.  Photographs that capture them at a moment in time over the course of the last five years.  There are the school photos with hair combed and faces clean, with the pretty but fake smiles.  But the best ones are the snapshots taken in a quick moment with little regard to pose or whether there was evidence of a recent chocolate chip cookie - but where the smiles radiate from the whole face.  Much of the joy in life doesn't come from the planned and orchestrated moments, does it?  But in moments where it lights us up from the inside and we forget to care about the chocolate on our face.


  1. I love that - "lights us up from the inside" :)

  2. Oh yes! My favorite photos on the fridge are the ones that caught the kids in a moment, not a posed photo, but a natural, easy one.

  3. Every picture tells a story, but the non-school related pictures talk louder. That's kind of funny, because if you have ever been present at Picture Day, on an elementary/middle school campus, as an adult, you would be amazed at the degree of excitement. Somehow, that excitement gets lost in the resulting pictures, unlike the ones taken at the beach, or the river, or at the family reunion, where we had the big softball game. Sweet post.


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