Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The River: Writing Challenge Day 22

Our cat has taken to sleeping in bed with us - at least for part of the night.  I welcome his warm self, curled up next to me, and am (oddly) not irritated by having to work around him when I change position.


  1. My favorite part of my husband being back at work is that he lets our dogs into our room before he leaves, and they love to start their day snuggled up with me.

  2. I also love our little dog snuggled up against me, like velcro. It somehow feels comforting :)

  3. Velcro-comical. I think it's more like super glue, to have a bulldog glommed onto you so tightly, you are pinned under your sheets. Thanks for the post, Sarah, reminding me that we are owned by a bulldog.


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