Friday, January 27, 2012

The River: Writing Challenge Day 26

On a late January day back in 1985, I was driving to my parents' home when I tapped the brakes to cancel the cruise control, having no idea I was on black ice, and lost control. I four cornered the car on guard rails on the other side of the road and the recrossed back to the ditch on my side. The car was totalled but I was fine. At about the same time, about five miles away, another car did much the same maneuver only a UPS truck was coming from the other direction and the car driver was killed. 

This afternoon I was driving home from Duluth on somewhat icy roads. I was taking it easy and came up a small hill where the road bridged over some railroad tracks I think and all of a sudden I saw a car crossing my lane on the other side of the bridge WTF? said my brain as I slowed as quickly as I could and stopped just before the spot where a young lady had come to rest in her car - blocking my lane. 

I went around her and stopped to make sure she was OK. She was probably a high school student, and we looked her car over, she started it as it had stalled, and she drove it up to the shoulder and all appeared to be in working order. I made sure she was OK and had a phone in case there was something wrong with the car as she continued on her way. She was so grateful and thanked me profusely for stopping and we parted ways. 

I was ten miles down the road before I realized I'd kind of just met my 1985 self and was again reminded of how lucky I was all those years ago.


  1. Wow, I love hearing stories like that. I'm really glad that the 1985 AND the 2012 you were ok.

  2. Glad everything turned out okay--and glad I'm not the only one who has encountered my past selves out there in the world.


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