Monday, January 23, 2012

The River: Writing Challenge Day 20

Stern:  I love this word.  Overall, I am not a stern person by any stretch of the imagination but boy howdy can I put on a stern face and voice when the occasional presents itself!  It has its moments and I have the eyebrows to work it! 


  1. In the green post, when you mentioned your friend thinking you were "austere and stern" when she first met you, it reminded me of a number of people who've told me I was scary or intimidating when they first met me. The gap between who we think we are and how others see us is endlessly fascinating to me. I think the "truth" of our selves (to the extent that there even IS a static truth of a self) probably lives somewhere in that gap.

  2. I like what MM said - the gap between who we think we are and how others see us - I now I wear whatever mask is required for the occasion. And I can switch masks in a blink of an eye. Clearly, I have The Voice with kids - they sure sit up and listen when they hear THAT voice - but I also know I can pull tender out of the air instantly.


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