Thursday, January 26, 2012

The River: Writing Challenge Day 23

Lake Superior is gorgeous any time of year.  But on January 26th, having the opportunity to enjoy a walk along her shore without hat or mittens, she was spectacular!  Still open water though I'm told the big boats are done for the winter.


  1. From a California vantage point, Lake Superior is NORTH. I have good friends from Minnesota, and my father was from Detroit, so I know it can get cold. I always think it gets cold here, when it dips into the teens, and the wind howls. But we don't really see cold weather; you do. I am happy for the no-mittens day.

  2. We had a spectacular day also last weekend. About to ski down Pico from the top, brilliant blue sky for just the briefest of runs, clear as winter air ever gets, yet not so cold that just the fleece liners weren't enough for my hands. Could see all the way to snow covered Mt. Washington in NH and over to Mt. Marcy in NY. Eff skiing! I just wanted to sit there and drink it in. Not too many like this - January can be long month right? Stellar.


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