Sunday, January 29, 2012

Who would you invite?

I don't know if anyone else does this, but from time to time I have been known to practice interview-type questions, out loud, usually in my car.  I am not always the quickest thinker, at least when unexpected questions are asked, so when I hear of some random interview question, sometimes I ponder what my response might be...

I've heard of a couple that stump me still - what books are on your nightstand?  Most of the time, I forget a book as soon as I put it down so, for all that I read voraciously, I can't often tell you the last 3 books I read.  Another was what woman in history do you most admire - uhhhh...yeah, I still can't think of a good answer for that since I know almost nothing about history nor do I consider anyone a real role model.  But one time someone told me they'd been asked what 3 people they would invite to a dinner party, if they choose from anyone living or dead.  At first, I thought this would be another stumper - but then the invitees came clear:  Amelia Earhart, Jacob Wetterling (for any who haven't heard of him, this young man grew up in a town near mine, and was abducted at age 11 by a stranger and never seen or heard from again - his family started a foundation to help families of other missing children), and my Grandpa Ray who died when I was only 5. 

Of course all these interview questions are intended to elicit the personality of the interviewee, and I often consider what my answers to random questions say about me.  I think the dinner party question, and my answers in that moment, certainly sang out loud and clear that I am curious about unanswered questions and always wonder about "the rest of the story". 


  1. I do this to amuse myself all the time! I am with you. Most of the time, the simplest of questions are the stumpers. I love this little analysis of your answers and I am intrigued.

  2. Ha! I do this all the time too! I like thinking things through and exploring the responses. Like you, I read voraciously but have a tough time when some one says what are last three books you read. I've thought about the people coming to dinner and mine include my dad, Mr. Rogers, Jimmy Carter, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, and Michelle Obama. But the guests can change too.....

  3. Sarah, what a great way to explore feelings! I have tried to come up with an answer to the dinner party thing, but it's tough!! My husband's father, for sure. He died of cancer about 6 years ago. But as for the other two, I just can't pick - - -yet! Thanks for making me think!

  4. I'm too "greedy" to limit my dinner party selections to three. I'm sure that says a lot about my personality, huh? ;) Thanks for sharing yours!


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