Monday, December 5, 2011

What I'm Reading...

In the past week or so, I have read:

Two books by Marjorie M. Liu, both from the Dirk & Steele Series.  Book #1 was Tiger Eye - a nook freebie and, being the sucker for sequels, Book #2 was Shadow Touch.  I have a friend who laughed out loud when she heard that I read paranormal romance books.  Considering my history of romance novel reading, this does not surprise me, but perhaps if you only knew me at work, this would seem a bit out of my usual mode.  In any event, these books are OK - pretty easy to figure out who will be paired up with whom, and I have to say the paranormal piece (some of the characters are shapeshifters) took a decidedly disturbing turn in Tiger Eye.   But for my escapism purposes, not a bad read, and I already have Book #3 of the series in the hopper.

Happy Accidents by Jane Lynch.  I love Jane Lynch in Best in Show and A Mighty Wind.  And I watch Glee regularly, but often fast forward through all the dialogue just to get to the music, because the hatefulness particularly of Jane's character (Sue Sylvester) is painful for me to sit through.  I don't understand why people think that calling names and just being overbearingly mean and spiteful is funny...or that somehow because she is such a cartoon character, it somehow makes it OK.  But all that said, I enjoyed this book and getting to know Jane. 

Texas Justice by Judith Groudine Finkel.  This was another freebie or cheapie from nook.  Now granted, being a lawyer, maybe I'm a little sensitive to legal stories that just seem too far out there, but this one was really way way out there in the "the evil system is out to get my kid" and - even worse - it was entirely predictable.  If I weren't so stubborn about finishing books I've started, this one would have been archived about halfway through.

I just started The Scottish Prisoner by Diana Gabaldon.  I absolutely adore her Outlander series.  I have also read several of her books in the related Lord John Grey series, but I find the English side of her characters way boring compared to the Scots.  So I'm anxious for this book to spend more time with Jamie and less time with Lord John!  Only just started, so we'll see. 

Happy reading!  Recommendations gladly accepted!

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