Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm a copy cat - taking a run at the ABCs of my Christmas

Two of my blog friends have now posted their ABCs of Christmas, starting with Mark and followed by his sister Sebtown.  I am going to now take a spontaneous run at it myself, with a little help from my daughter:

A - My favoite hymn:  Angels We Have Heard on High.  And my #2 niece starts with an "A".
B - My baby girl #2 starts with a "B".  My family would not be the same without her! 
C - Christmas carols - my favorite kind of music (except this ear-bleeding nonsense put out by Justin Bieber - would someone please pull up that child's pants and send him back to high school! OK, now I made my daughter cry...I take it back honey!)
D - Decorations!
E - Echoes of Christmases past and ENJOY!
F - Fireplace with stockings and family time.
G - Gifts (my daughter gave me this one RIGHT OFF THE BAT!)
H - Helicopters (Daddy-O just chimed in helpfully with this...thanks honey) and the Hallelujah Chorus
I - Ice skating (and ice fishing, a major pasttime up here)
J - My baby girl #1 starts with a "J", as does my #1 niece...what a great letter of the alphabet.  Jesus and JOY TO THE WORLD!
K - Nephews #1 and #2 - who bring such joy to my world, whether I know what to buy them for Christmas or not.
L - LOVE and LOTS of it.  And lefse - yummmm!
M - The best MOM (yes my daughter actually said that...awwww!) and marshmallows in our cocoa and Merry Christmas!
N - The #4 niece starts with an "N" - a terrific joy to have around.  Nativity scenes.
O - O Christmas Tree and ornaments
P - Plate with cookies for Santa Claus and presents (that's the kid again!)
Q - questions (i.e. "can we open presents now?")
R - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and reading Christmas stories.
S - Santa and stockings and stars, and the fabulous #3 niece starts with an "S". Normally also snow, but so far not this year.
T - Tree and tinsel and three wise men.
U - Up on the Housetop and underwear (there's Daddy-O helping out again)
V - Velvet dresses and very excited children
W - Winter Wonderland (not so much this year - its very brown outside) and We Wish You a Merry Christmas
X - x-citement and x-cellent times with family and friends (and xylophone...)
Y - young at heart and Yule logs
Z - Zip up those coats! 

There you have it.  It occurred to me I should have had each of us offer a word for each letter.  DaddyO is particularly creative!  Ah well.  Enjoy your holidays everyone - hug your loved ones and remember to breathe.


  1. I zeroed in on E for echos, L for love and Y for young at heart, as being my top three. H is interesting to me, because it brings to mind my second son, whose work in Cal-Fire, includes that mode of transportation. Last summer, when a wildfire originating only two parcels over from us, here on the ridge, got loose, two helicopters, zipping back and forth from blaze to local ponds, kept us from going up in flames. Hats off to helicopters-makes this Christmas possible.
    And Sarah? It might be kind of fun to utilize that old edit key, and insert the occasional "creative" suggestion provided by interested parties. Then you could consider adding under M: massage, foot, and see where that gets you. It may not be very Christmassy, but it could end up fitting under column X.

  2. Mark that is an excellent idea - it will certainly lend evidence to whether my husband actually reads my blog...since I told him about it, I have yet to hear that he does.


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