Sunday, December 11, 2011

Daily check in

I wanted to post something every day for a while, to establish a pattern or habit for myself, and also to keep anyone that is interested in reading this blog with fresh reading materials. 

So let's recap what's been going on since I started.  I've been a blogger now for a week.  Just having a blog and writing stuff - does that make me a blogger?  Do I have to have a "mission statement"?  Is my blog format too boring?  Would it be better if I added in a photo or two or six?  Yes, I am well into the 'way more questions than answers' phase! 

For now, I plan to keep writing and I'm not planning much else.  I feel horribly insecure about things - what I'm writing and who is reading it.  I do not want to hurt anyone's feelings at all - I'm trying hard just to relate things as I recall them and note the feelings I felt then and/or now about them, so I'm not spending an enormous amount of energy on editing myself.  I hope if/when the day comes that something I blabbed about is problematic for someone else, it resolves itself without any resentments. 

With that, it's been a long day and I'm reading to watch the finale of The Amazing Race.  To be continued...


  1. Funny that your 'insecurity' about your writing really hits me on an appropriate time. I am always freaking out about my writing. In my journaling I frequently have the thought about someone reading them when I die and what would they say. I squash that thought right away and tell myself that they need to suck it up if they want to read them b/c it is my venting path.
    But my writing for work is the biggest thorn in my side. It really places me on the thinnest of ice...without spotlights.

  2. My sister JT (Sebtown294) and I often discuss the concept of "For whom the Blog Tolls." Does a blog even exist if no one reads it? Am I given validity of life through my blog? Suppose I wrote a piece and no one read it? Gasp. I write for my own enjoyment, after only starting in March. I began to blog in July. I wrote 250,000 words on my "military career." I was drafted out of Cal Poly, Pomona, in 1972, and served in peacetime Korea for sixteen months. Posting daily for me, is nothing more than keeping my work neatly accessible, and if someone takes the time to read something, then it's all good.

  3. Thanks Mark. For reading and for your thoughts. I am writing for me, but it sure feels nice when someone takes the time to stop by.

  4. That Mark is so darn cute! And he writes as if there is no tomorrow, without regard for who is reading. He writes for the fun of writing and tackles big stories in bits and pieces. I also write for the fun of it but mostly shorter pieces. I can't stop hatching new pieces about which to write but unlike big bro Mark (who happens to be a retired teacher), I am still a working stiff. Mostly I save my writing for the weekends.

  5. I love the shout out for Mark's writing style...have only just skimmed the surface of his blog, but as I aspire to much the same ('writing for the fun of writing ... and tackles big stories in bits and pieces'), I look forward to the kindred spirit!


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