Friday, December 16, 2011

Please don't alert my neighbors...

I am extremely out of shape.  I have been wishing I would wake up one morning and find myself in a fit, toned body for most of my life.  At times in my life, I have been in significantly better shape and I really enjoyed it.  Since I got pregnant in 2002, which corresponded with sliding toward and then into my 40s, I have watched my body morph into a really soft, squishy plus-size, with bulges that truly offend me.  Sorry for the visual.  Despite this, I carry the dream of one day running a 5k - and by that I mean actually running the entire distance. 

We adopted a terrier mix 22 pound bundle of hyperactivity in May.  I have since had the job of walking the dog, who prefers to do his business during field trips, at least two times each day.  Only about 15 minutes usually - up and down the street.  I'm sad to say this is more exercise than I was getting for the past five years at least.  Last night, I decided to make it a run/walk - not caring that I was in non-athletic shoes and wearing my wool coat.  I set a very easy goal - run from one driveway to the next, then walk to the next, then run to the next, and so on.  Seriously, we're talking 4 blocks or so, so I was not aiming high.  And I did it.  And I did it again this morning.  We'll see where we go from here.

I decided today that the only reason this may be possible is that I my dog walking happens in the early morning and the later evening, and this time of year it is pitch black, so no-one can see me.  I hope.


  1. Oh, I can relate on so many levels -- the idea that I once was in MUCH better shape rings true..... only my out of shapeness is tied to my slide into my 50's - don't let anyone tell you that hormones don't impact your body. and the 22 pound terrier mix? ours is only about 15 pounds but she makes me smile a lot - bundle of energy and cuteness.

  2. The whole wanting to be in better shape but not wanting anyone to see you engaged in any activity in the shape you're in hits home, for sure.


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