Monday, December 19, 2011

Can I write this without cursing?

I am extremely irritated right now.  Yes, I procrastinated with getting my daughter's patches on her Girl  Scouts tunic until tonight (meeting at 6p)...I had gotten over my huge attitude about having to sew on bloody patches and purchased fabric glue.  Opened the package tonight to find ***** iron-on patches.  I hate ironing almost as much as I hate sewing!  But I dutifully spent 20 minutes at it - flag patch, no problem.  Daisy center patch?  fine.  Troop numbers?  WOULD NOT IRON ON.  WOULD NOT IRON ON.  I was very very irritated.  Very.  Did I mention irritated? 

But I know how to trump pain in the ass problems like this - remember the first Indiana Jones movie, when the Arab guy is swinging his sword all over looking threatening and how Indiana dealt with him?  Indiana is me, the Arab guy is the stupid troop numbers.  You won't iron on?  FINE - then I will glue your ass to that tunic.

Back downstairs - fabric glue in one hand and troop numbers in the other.  Lined up on the tunic.  Read the fabric glue directions:

Score back of patch and add glue
Let sit 10 minutes
Affix to fabric - let dry 20 minutes
Using an ironing cloth, affix with dry iron for 45 seconds.

Oh yes, 30 minutes of drying time AND ironing.  For f.......Pete's sake!

There will be no troop numbers on the tunic tonight.


  1. Ergh. Feeling vicarious irritation on your behalf.

    (PS--My daughter and I were visiting friends when she was six and as we were leaving, she noticed an iron on my friend's kitchen counter. She said, "Mommy, what's that?" My daughter is seventeen now and not significantly better acquainted with an iron than she was then. It's a once a year thing around here. If that.)

  2. Working in the field of education, as a male teacher, I was in the minority. I was fiercely careful to be politically correct-pragmatically, as well-so I ironed my dress slacks and Levis, and my dress shirts and ties as well, all of the years I taught. I was taking no chances that it might be divulged that Ann "did my shirts." Ann taught on campus at the same time I did.

  3. Thank you all for feeling my pain! To top off the annoyance - I learned at the meeting last night that both my girls will shift to the next phase of Girl Scouts next year - so BOTH will require new vest/sashes! Nothing like starting fresh next year...*&&^%$$


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