Saturday, December 31, 2011


Holy moley - where did this year go?  I have been rolling around in my head whether I wanted to do a "wrap up" post as so many others seem to do...but then I had to accept that it was the end of the year and I feel like I'm somewhere back in September or so. 

Someone somewhere posted something (nothing like being definite in my descriptors!) that I decided to emulate:

Five things of note from 2011:
1.  Surviving 95 days of single parenthood while my husband was at Hazelden, and starting my own recovery program (hurray for any progress toward serenity!).  Honestly, this was really the overarching theme of the year, so I could stop here, but for form's sake anyway...

2.  My parents had their 50th wedding anniversary and we dragged them kicking and screaming into a that they enjoyed (as did we all) tremendously.  Kudos to me and my siblings in pulling that off so well.  I said to my mother (only about 10% jokingly) that I thought after 50 years, she ought to be allowed to walk away and call it good...I can't imagine living 24/7 with my dad...but she just smiled and assumed I was joking.

3.  We adopted a dog from the animal shelter, about a year after I had to put down my beloved white boxer Ande.  Lucky is cute as a button but an ADD terrier mix has been a struggle at times, though he has definitely wriggled his little self into my heart.

4.  Sean and I graduated to a king sized bed.  Oh what glorious relief!  It makes me laugh that in my college days, it was nothing to share a single bed...

5.  I started a blog - as a means of unloading all the stuff floating around in my head - and have had an immensely positive internal reaction to it, as well as enjoying the new community of writers I found!

And five things I hope for in 2012 (and as I write these, I am smiling to see what little I really need for the hoped-for happiness!):

1.  I wish for continued recovery for myself and, I hope, for my husband.  And I really hope that my participation in Al anon continues to feed my soul as it has in the past six months.

2. I wish for continued health for myself and my loved ones.

3.  I wish to take a trip to Memphis with my sister and our kids to pay our respects to my uncle, who passed away a few days ago, and to hug our cousins, his children. 

4.  I hope for progress in my ultimate goal for better health - I refuse to make any sweeping resolutions or promises to myself, but would like to look back in a year and see that I took some step in that direction.

5.  World Peace - starting with peace in this election year.  I dread election years...

There you have it world...thank you 2011 and can't wait to get to know you 2012!


  1. 2011 was important for you. Recovery is HUGE and adds so much to your life. I, too, hope that 2012 continues to court your recovery and finds you even more strongly attached to it.
    and, btw, your little Lucky sounds a bit like our Ellie - adopted from the Humane Society about four years ago, an ADD terrier mix, but adorable in an affection and friendly way. She makes me smile a lot.
    I hate election years too - long and scary - full of bullshit and disappointments. I tend to become uber cynical. and check out. though I always vote.....
    I like your attitude about 2012 - wanting to get to know her (him?) - I am more cautious, i suppose. We will see.

  2. Forward progress, Sarah. It's the stuff life is made of. This is a powerful example of the gain that can be measured through the pain. And isn't that funny how unimportant the sleeping accommodations are, when you are with the one you want?


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