Friday, December 16, 2011

Grief and Loss

I just read a couple posts by Lynda at and I wanted to pass the link along to anyone who is reading this.  If you have ever lived through, or ever will live through, grief and loss, I expect her words will speak to you as they did to me.  It sounds like Lynda is living through some awful times right now and yet she writes so beautifully...

If nothing else - take a read and leave her a comment, so that she knows she is surrounded by people who are experiencing her pain with her through her writing.

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  1. That was thoughtful of you to pass that link on; I cannot imagine what it would be like to have to question my child-rearing practices, to determine whether or not I was partially responsible for a debilitating issue. Lynda has got to let go of that. I do not know that I have ever met anyone who lived in Maine before. I think of Maine as a cold place, but at least i know that a cold place need produce mean a cold heart. Besides, I live in California, so even if we get our share of snow, up here on our ridge top, I will not delude myself that we actually get cold temperatures, not compared to Maine.


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