Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I took this week off work, with no plans other than the kids being off school.  It was a weird day today, with the world going back to work while we just messed around with no agenda.  It's a good thing to be away from work - I have been feeling seriously burned out at my job for well over a year now.  I never intended or expected that my legal career would last longer than a decade...but I've now started year 13...while I am working in an area that is emotionally very difficult, it is also the area where I fit and I'm good at it.  As my husband pointed out to me some time ago, it's not an area for people who don't care about their work.  But at the same time, when I come home with no patience left for my family?  Most days it just doesn't feel worth it...

So it's nice to be off - with the holidays included, I will be off for something like 12 days.  I haven't given any thought to work since I left on Friday to be honest.  But will this be enough to charge me back up again?  I guess I won't really know until next Tuesday.  In the meantime, I'm going to wallow in hanging with my family. 


  1. Sarah, we have one woman attorney in our firm - young, sweet and very tender hearted. She has a case now that is ripping her heart out - I told her she should hand it over to one of the guys since they mostly seem to have no hearts :).

    I hope you enjoy your 12 days and are recharged and revitalized!

  2. Sarah, I have been on the edge of burnout, drifting over the double yellow line from time to time, for about five years. I hang in there because I have a hard time seeing any other realistic choice. I have a secure position, within biking distance of my home, with some promise of a retirement income. My work is demanding and satisfying AND exhausting. I do find the opportunities to recharge essential for my own well being. My hope for you is that you will be able to arrange these kind of extended holidays for yourself. I suspect it will be crucial as you try to manage working in a demanding profession and raising children. And, btw, speaking from experience, don't let the marriage fall to the side in favor of children and work. It will end up being a bigger job to fix that than you might ever imagine. It's tough to be a successful, happy, and non exhausted woman these days.


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