Saturday, December 17, 2011

I want to write, I really do...

It has been a busy day.  I went to bed last night wanting to write but not having the energy to string it together.  I woke up this morning wanting to write but my brain was aching due to dehydration from drinking only coffee yesterday, which thankfully resolved with 1 liter of water and some ibuprofen.  Then I had to clean out the minivan because my husband is ferrying a neighbor family to catch a train tonight and the van was too disgusting for this to happen.  Then we drove to a nearby larger town to attempt the finishing of the Christmas shopping.  Waited through 4-5 rotations of the stop lights to get into the packed parking lot at the mall, drove around and around to find a spot, then had to navigate through piles of shoppers only to pretty much strike out on everything I wanted to get.  Yuck!  The bright spot was that we drove on a bit after supper and got to watch my niece play basketball for my high school alma mater team (and my former coach) which is always a huge treat.  But late night getting back and the dog is going nuts with wanting to play, and I am usually asleep by 9p but am waiting up with my husband so he doesn't fall asleep and miss leaving at midnight to ferry the neighbors to the train...tomorrow the kids sing at both church services, I need to wrap gifts and we have a play date in the afternoon which I am really looking forward too.  Double Girl Scouts in 2 separate locations on Monday night, kids school programs on Tuesday night...and THEN perhaps I can just sit back and wait for my vacation to start on Friday!  All four of us home together for 10 days...who will be the first to cry 'uncle'?

With all this crap going on, no wonder I can't string enough thoughts together for a real post!  I'll try again in the morning.


  1. Whew! I'm exhausted just from READING what you've been up and have yet to be up to. This time of year has its wonderful side, but it also can be a little crazy-making. Hang in there...will be patiently awaiting the next post.

  2. For someone who could not "string enough thoughts together for a real post," you did pretty well. If this is not as real as life gets, I don't know what is. I think I'll check back, because I want to be around when you start the "real" writing: it will be a treat.

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words Mark and Masked Mom. The feedback is always appreciated and to be so affirming, well I had no idea how lovely that would be too...I read your comment, Mark, right before I went out to walk the dog, and had to chuckle as I pondered your statement that you are looking forward to the "real" writing coming - it reminded me of the quote about how life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. So I'm glad I'm writing away, while waiting for the "real" writing to begin...seems to me another one of my little contradictions!

  4. Oh, honey, you ARE writing and very effectively. OMG! That short piece was perfect - everything in it conveyed the stress- seriously, my heart was pounding when I finished. For me, that is one thing that writing (and painting) is about: evoking some emotion. You did it!


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