Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I am Oppositional...

Here's a big shocker everyone - I find myself to be quite oppositional.  The second someone tells me what I should/must/need to do, my knee-jerk reaction is "no way" (sometimes with expletives added in for good measure).  At the same time, however, I am not interested in being in charge or leading anything.  Oh I can and will if I must - but I don't want to...ever...

How do I moderate myself, so as to pass for a normal, easy going person to the world?  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!  Ask anyone that knows me and you will find I don't pass at all.  I go to meetings and people just WAIT for me to pop off with something obnoxious.  Even when I am trying my best to behave, and not saying a word, invariably someone comments on hard I'm trying to stay in my "happy place".  Don't encourage me people!!!

It's funny, most of the time, and I have it pretty easy since those around me have learned to allow my outbursts and wait for the inevitable rational response.  And when I am not around my usual folks - and away from those who encourage me for their own entertainment - I have learned to breathe and count to 10 (or 612).  Not sure how good I am at masking myself, but at least the words remain in my head until I choose to share...


  1. In that case, I am definitely not telling you to accept "The Versatile Blogger Award" I wanted to give you. ;)

    The information is here: http://maskedmom.blogspot.com/2011/12/by-any-other-name.html

    And, seriously, no obligation to play along. It's just a fun way of killing some bloggy time.

  2. Heya! I got to your blog via Masked Mom -- I LOVE YOUR TITLE - mostly because, I suppose, it mirrors my own: In Search of a Title - when I started this a couple of years ago I was a tad less confused about who I am than I am now -- searching for a title is like searching for my self (yet again, as I have been down this path several times already....) -
    I have to run off to work here soon but I will be back. I like your style! You have already inspired me to write more. Welcome to the entertaining and thoughtful world of blogging.

  3. Thank you sebtown! I will return the favor and head over to check you out too! The title issue was crazy hard, it's true. Sarah

  4. Masked Mom - you have found my Achilles heel! Curiosity gets me every dang time! I will check it out because, hey, who wouldn't like to accept an award - I get to work on my acceptance speech immediately!

  5. The two of you crack me up! Or, shall I just say I am a bit cracked and leave it at that? Thanks for the Versatile Blogger award too, Masked Mom! I am saving that piece for the weekend but I wrote some of it in my head while walking the dogs this morning. And, Sarah, my title was initially meant to be just a placeholder but I came to like it just fine. Funny how things seem to work out that way sometimes.


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