Saturday, December 24, 2011

Another cup of coffee...

There are things to be done but for right now, I am enjoying the word "enough" and having another cup of coffee, reading the thoughts of my new acquaintances in blog-land, and marveling at the fact that my kids are playing with each other - there are no electronics involved in said play - and cleaning up their toy room (kind of) while they play.  It is a Christmas miracle! 

In a few minutes, I'll log off for the day, turn up the Christmas carols, wrap some presents and make some fudge before we set off for church and my family Christmas gathering, but at this moment I'm savoring this quiet bit of peace. 

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  1. There is magic about Christmas Eve, yes? There is no day that quite lives up to this one. The feeling is universal on Christmas Eve. Anticipation trumps chores and expectation is king. Maybe it's residual little kid stuff because, after all, children hold this day as sacred. Miracles happen on Christmas Eve. The jolly fat man flies through the air and delivers toys and candy. Lightness wipes darkness away for the day and people smile as if they mean it. All is good in the world. Merry Christmas, my friend.


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