Monday, April 30, 2012


As in 'the end' of the A to Z challenge.  I have really enjoyed it, but as has been evidenced by many of my posts, I don't always have the ability to limit myself to one topic per letter.  Sometimes it's just a series of whatever pops into my head - so away we go!

ZED is also a shout out to my BFF - a big hug to you just because!

New Zealand - how I would love to go there!  A friend visited for several weeks many years ago and sent me a pile of photos and it looks just absolutely gorgeous.  I met a number of folks from New Zealand the winter I skiied as often as possible at Whistler BC and thought each and every one of them was beyond nice and fun, and their descriptions of their home country also lured me with the concept of going camping in backcountry which has no predators (bears, big cats, etc.)  I am also fascinated by a country that has no military ... being somewhat of a pacifist myself, and terrified of weaponry, I can't quite imagine what it would be like to be in a country without the backdrop of violence. 

Zebras - one of my all time favorite animals.  I am intrigued by the idea that no two zebras are striped the same and you can tell them apart by their markings.  I'd love to spend long enough observing them to be able to make out the differences. 

Zealous Advocacy - an interesting concept in my observations of lawyers.  This is an ethical requirement but often I think attorneys think "zealous" means saying whatever ridiculous b.s. your client wants you to say, and arguing positions that have no legal merit and/or no basis in actual fact.  One of the walls I try to refrain from beating my head against, since I have no control over the behavior of others...

Zip - might be one of my favorite words.  It's just fun to say.  And the whole "zip it" part of the Austin Powers movie(s), where Dr. Evil is talking to his son, is a favorite movie clip for me (if I were really motivated I'd embed a video clip of it HERE, but I'm not that motivated today, sorry).


  1. I am intrigues by that whole zebra thing as well!

  2. Now you mention it, zip is a bit onomatopoeic as it sounds like what it does - ziiip. I never knew that New Zealand has no military! They must have no problems with any other countries, how lovely.

  3. I like that word ZIP too - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiippppppppppppppppppppppppp
    no worries about not being motivated to embed a video - then I don't have to be motivated to watch it....

  4. We did it! It was a blast - congratulations!!!

    Motivated by the post "Let's Spike the Blog Numbers!" I am your new follower (and, really, I like your blog too)

  5. Z words in general have a certain zippiness to them, don't they? Congratulations on making it to the end of A to Z. :)


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