Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V: Vasectomy (oh yes, I'm going for the TMI today!)

I have had a variety of other "v" words come to mind since yesterday but my brain settled on this lovely TMI topic and there was no getting around it.  The past year was eventful for us, in that we had a vasectomy.  I am using those plural pronouns intentionally, since (1) everyone always said "we" had two babies, when I'm pretty sure all that huffing and puffing was just me; and (2) any woman attached to a man who has had to have work on his nether regions knows that it's a joint experience whether we like it or not.  I do give my husband credit though, he whined much less than I expected him too.  Other than the 45 minute drive home, with the local anesthesia wearing off, I would say it resulted in less drama than the average head cold.

But it is a weird thing - permanent sterilization.  It took us a long time to get there.  Finally, after the fourth miscarriage in my 40s, even stubborn me had to admit that my eggs were likely past their 'best if used by' date and we were not going to be adding that long-awaited 3rd child to the family via my uterus.  I appreciate that my husband was willing to put his boys on the line for that local anesthetic office procedure, to save me having to have anesthesia and a week off work.  He didn't even really balk at it, once we knew we were ready to take that permanent step.  He's a good man (I was going to say "good egg" but thought that pun didn't really fit the occasion).

Not exactly an event worthy of our Christmas letter to family and friends near and far, but it was certainly a major event in our lives.


  1. You are so funny. And good for your husband for not whining! He IS a good egg

  2. i think the appointment has been scheduled twice, but I read the info sheet and panicked...on his behalf, yet he would'vebeen fine with going. I AM PATHETIC. Of course now that I read your quick tale, I could drum it up again...6 years later. That would make perfect sense, I am sure! :)

  3. Yes, I am familiar with all the baggage of the big V - We (and we is right) did that two years after our second child was born. I was emphatically NOT happy. I wanted a third but RR was adamantly opposed. I acquiesced because I knew it would be wrong for me to have a child that he didn't welcome. Even though he would have come to love that child, it wasn't right on so many levels. But the fall out from that decision infiltrated our marriage for a long time. Eventually, I got over it - especially when I realized the huge price we were paying (on so many levels) for the two children that we had. But I mourned the loss of the third for a long time. On the other hand, I loved not having to deal with any other birth control!


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