Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q: things I am; things I am not

Q:  Things I am:

Quick (in mind and in speech)
Quizzical/Questioning/Querying (always)
Qualitative (as in 'quality over quantity')
Queen (of my household - truly ask anyone)
Queasy (often - been prone to motion sickness all my life)
Quotation mark user (credit where credit is due, right?  But I'm not exactly sure when you should not use quotes in regular writing to set words out - only when defining?  Only when an odd word? I probably use them too much)

Q:  Things I am not:

Quick (in body - I walk normally at an ambling pace and am not at all nimble)
Quiet (I talk a lot, no doubt about it)
Quantitative (as in 'form over substance')
Quixotic (I'm not a mystery - you ask, I probably tell)
Quintuplet (nope, just a singleton)
Quack (I'm pretty competent at my profession)
Quibbling (I try really hard not to bicker over things that don't matter)
Quidditch player (as much as I love Harry Potter, the interest in playing Quidditch in real life - running around playing rugby/soccer with a broom stick between my legs - entirely escapes me)


  1. Thing that I am: Impressed - that you found so many Q words to work with! Nice!

    1. If you think I did that without running my finger down the dictionary page, you give me way too much credit! I think I could have come up with them in time, but you know how it is when you have a post idea - want to write it NOW!

  2. Nice Q words! I could only think of two and one I used. My Mom asked me what I was doing for Q and then suggested the two I already had in mind. Obviously, my family thinks alike!

  3. I like this use of the word Q! Might have to try that on Y....


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