Thursday, April 26, 2012

W: Wishing

Oh man, have I spent a lot of my life wishing...wishing for Christmas to come, wishing for some boy to talk to me, wishing I would wake up looking differently some morning, wishing my life would be different.  And I'm not exactly sure when it hit me that i was wasting so much time wishing, that I was wishing my life away.  It hit me like a ton of bricks when I realized it and it had a profound effect on my outlook.  And I changed, really I did.  Not that I never wished for anything again, but I started making a conscious effort not to neglect today, in my wishing for a better tomorrow. 

I had this attitude reinforced when I started going to Al Anon last year - the whole concept of focusing on today, and noticing the gifts in this moment, and letting tomorrow wait until tomorrow, is of great importance to recovery.  One counselor I met liked to say, if you stand with one foot ahead in tomorrow and the other foot back on yesterday, what are you doing all over today?  For those of us who work well with visual learning, that also drove the point home to me. 

So keep wishing within its daydreaming boundaries please, and don't waste the precious moment you've been given! 


  1. Awesome post, Sarah. I think we've all been guilty of "wishing our life away." I know I have. I'll be happy when this or that happens. No! Be happy NOW!!! Something I've always had to work on - thanks for this!!!

  2. I second Judy, this is an awesome post!

  3. This is a good reminder for all of us, Sarah. Thanks for sharing it.


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