Monday, April 2, 2012

Random questions I pirated from another blog...

In visiting a few other A to Z Challenge bloggers today, I came across the Jenny Hansen Blog and a post that challenged her with 11 questions.  And those 11 questions were awesome!  I am intrigued by weird questions, so of course I wanted to write a post with my answers to those questions.  There were rules, though, and I am not much of a rule much like Jenny Hansen, I am choosing to answer the questions, and then allow any readers the freedom to tag yourself, if you are so inclined, and write yourself a post...follow the rules or don't.  Those are my rules. 

First, the rules (in case you opt to play by them):
  1. You must post the rules. :-)
  2. Answer the questions on your blog. Create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
  3. Tag eleven people and link to them.
  4. Let them know you’ve tagged them.

The 11 Questions:

1. What is your favorite historical period and why?

I would not choose to live in any other time period, let's just get that straight right from the top.  However, I love to read about the early American years - the settling of the great West in particular.  Sometimes when we are traveling I try to imagine what the Midwestern world I've always known looked like in the 1700s and what it would be like to move west and never see your family again, even though you might have only been 100 miles away. 

2. List your top five favorite movies.

Oddly enough, I only have to change one from the list Jenny Hansen made!  She clearly has good taste in movies!
  • My Cousin Vinnie (taught me more about real Civil Procedure than my entire year of Civ Pro in law school)
  • When Harry Met Sally (taught me that romances may come and go but friendships can be forever)
  • The Princess Bride (just the best, on so many levels - even my kids quote it now!)
  • The Shawshank Redemption (best escape story ever)
  • The Wedding Singer (makes me laugh every time - and is the source of my favorite quote of all time:  "information that would have been useful YESTERDAY!")
3. Your house is on fire. Your loved ones–humans and pets–are already safe outside. They have your driver’s license and a flash drive with all your backups (files and all the media you own). You have time to save one more object. What would you get?

Oddly enough, I expect I'd be too busy holding my kids and trying to breathe to even think about anything else.  Sure there are "things", but nothing that would inspire me to run back into a burning house. Which makes me wonder why I have so many things, and so much clutter, if none of it means much to me. 
4. You can invite any three people in the world for a dinner–anyone alive. Who are your guests?

Dezra, my lifelong friend; Kelly, the Seattle friend I made after I left Seattle; and Nancy, my favorite Seattle friend.   And I would have to put on Depends because I know I would be laughing myself silly and wallowing in the presence of three women who I don't see often enough but who I am attached to for life (whether they like it or not!)  

5. Congress/the gods/smiling extraterrestrials said you can only have one type of food every meal for the rest of your life (they’ll supplement your diet with vitamin pills). Which food would you choose?

Baked Cheetos.  Does that count as food?  If not, then I will go with bread, since I love everything about bread!

6. In an episode of “Friends”, they all reveal their freebie list: 5 celebrities with whom they can hook up without upsetting their partners. Who’s in yours?

Mark Harmon...Mark Harmon...Mark Harmon...Mark Harmon...and Mark Harmon. Did I mention Mark Harmon?

7. (Huge spoiler alert.) Some people think the Hunger Games is bloody. In Harry Potter 6, fifteen characters die. In HP7, the body count is over fifty (see here). JK is rewriting the series, and she let you choose one character from any of the seven books to get a reprieve. Who would it be and why?

Sirius Black.  After all those years in Azkaban, he deserved some years of a happier life. George Weasley being a close second.

8. What’s your worst fear?
Sharks.  Long standing phobia dating back to (1) being a flatlander who never saw the ocean until I was almost 30; and (2) seeing Jaws at about age 10.  I am scared of all the dangerous stuff in the oceans, to tell you the truth, and the idea that you'll never see it coming until it GETS YA!

9. You can choose your own nickname, with an assurance that no one would ever mock you. Tell us your choice.

Remarkably, I have had very few nicknames in my life.  The only one, used by a select few folks to this day, is Wah - which came about through a very odd, long, inside story.  Works for me.

10. What’s the best vacation you have ever had?

I spent 18 days in Scotland some years ago.  With no real agenda and the chance to just wander around and see what we felt like seeing.  I loved the country, the people I met, and everything I saw.  I would go again in a heartbeat.  Since having kids, vacations are great but even a long weekend is a lot more work than that 3 weeks in Scotland.  I miss that ease.
11. Congress/the gods/smiling extraterrestrials said you must move to any fantasy or sci-fi setting (books, movies, videogames, rpgs) of your choice—permanently. Where would you go?
A small beach house, with food and housekeeping services, on a white sand beach (lets make it a nice, shark-free, cove, shall we?).  Preferably with a mountain range out the other side of the house.  With good wi-fi.


  1. #6 Mark Harmon has been my dream guy since I was way to young to know what a dream guy is! I just thought he was super cute. I still have the People magazine that names him sexiest man alive. Sure that was in the 80's, but I think it's still true today!

  2. This may be slightly off point here, but am I the only one who thinks we might be better off if Congress were made up of smiling extraterrestrials?

    1. Yep, the crabby extraterrestrials there now aren't really doing it for me either. :-)

  3. Thanks for the link, Sarah! Weren't those questions AMAZING?!! (Go, Fabio Bueno...)

    I'm delighted to see you having such a good time with them - I know I sure did. Just let me know when you want to come over for movie night. :-)


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