Saturday, April 21, 2012

R: Romance

Ah much art and music and literature has been written about romance. While I admit to a swoon or two in my life, I feel like such a romance buzz kill.  There has been much talk of prom and such among my work friends as the all have teenaged kids, so I've been hearing tons of teenage drama stories.  This is one situation when adults (or at least I) do a lot if eye rolling back at children. Please universe, let my girls grow up to know they can live without a boyfriend - or if she has a boyfriend, that she can live apart from him for a weekend or a week or a month!

My idea of romance seems obnoxiously simple to me, but way out of touch with the media portrayal of it.  Show an interest in me - "how was your day?" will work in a pinch but asking a question about something specific will show that you actually know something about my life...or want that's romantic.  Take some burden off my shoulders once in a while - maybe cook a meal unexpectedly or get up to walk the dog when he starts barking at 5:30a some weekend so I can stay in bed...I will feel warm fuzzies all day.  Have the oil changed in my van and the interior cleaned when I'm not expecting it...I will sing your praises to the heavens.  It seems so easy to me but maybe I'm the one with the skewed view.

and p.s.  (just for the A to Z record) I did write this yesterday but my smart phone is apparently not smart enough to handle the blogger mobile app.


  1. I am never so in love with my husband as I am when I see him working on our house. For me, that is so romantic!

  2. Romance - I am no fan of the artificial stuff and I am way too pragmatic to want RR to spend a bunch of money on diamonds and candy (flowers, though, that's another thing). I agree with Michelle - it's the day to day stuff that's important. I also see your point - I want to know that RR sees me, that he hears me. That's romantic.


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