Monday, April 9, 2012

H: Hawaii

Wow, this was easy.  No sooner did I think "what letter of the alphabet am I on?" than I knew today was Hawaii.  I do want to go to Hawaii.  I would like to think I would wear a lovely flowered dress and sandals the entire time, with a flower in my hair.  I would make the trip up the big volcano in the early morning hours that I've heard about.  I would try body surfing or boogie boarding and probably enjoy it immensely.  Hours would be spent sitting on the beach, under an umbrella, drinking lovely drinks that come with their own umbrella, while reading good books and wallowing in the air off the ocean.  I would take my Dramamine and then acquiesce to whatever drive it takes to get me to those gorgeous waterfalls I've seen pictures of.  I would eat at a luau (but I will not engage in any hula exhibitions).  I would explore those places where the lava is still pouring into the ocean - stretches of black rock with crevasses that show the billion degree lava glowing in them. 

Sean and I had the worst wedding photographer in the history of the world for our wedding.  For God's sake people, skimp on anything at a wedding BUT the photographer.  But we lived through it by promising that we'd take a 10th anniversary trip to Hawaii and book a "renewal of vows" package that would allow us some gorgeous Hawaiian wedding photos.  This fall will be our 10th anniversary...I don't think Hawaii is in the books this fall.  And that's OK.  We'll get there at least by our 15th, I have no doubt, and we'll get those photos.  You'll know me by the flower in my hair!


  1. Can't wait to see those photos in five years! Until then, there's always the hawaiian haystack!

  2. I am content to see photos of Hawaii. As I mentioned once on my blog, tropical locales always make me think "hot and buggy." :)

  3. I will live vicariously through photos other people take in Hawaii! Long plane ride+heat on arrival=no thanks

  4. I, too , dislike long plane rides but I have done them five times in order to get to Hawaii. I have a brother who lives in Hilo (on the rainy side of the big island). I am willing to take that long plane ride to enjoy the tropical breezes (which are sensual and relaxing), to swim in the warm ocean water (the water off NorCal is freezing and best approached in a wetsuit if you must approach it), and to simply relax in the warm sun. The volcano is NOT warm - wear jackets there!


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