Thursday, April 26, 2012

W: Washington DC

I really want to go to Washington DC - hopefully during the cherry blossom season which sounds gorgeous and is before the weather really heats up for the summer.  I had the opportunity to meet a man from DC last summer and I instantly admitted my ignorance of his city and my certain misconception that it is all just urban concrete.  He assured me there is plenty of green space and residential living, just as in any other metropolitan area.  But you can't escape the fact that there is an amazing lot of United States history there, as well as world history given the Holocaust museum and the Vietnam wall.  I really hope we can go sometime in the next few years, when the kids still like us enough to spend the time absorbing it all with us. 

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  1. I've been to Washington DC five times - always in the company of a large flock of 8th graders! I have been one of three or four chaperones who take kids from our school - it costs a small fortune (we could not afford for our kids to go when they were in 8th grade) but all my expenses are paid for by the touring company. In short, I find it to be an amazing place! and, yes, there is green and the concrete is surrounded by so much history that you don't see it.


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