Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J: Jordan Elizabeth

On the eve of my start as a mother, I am dedicating this post to my eldest daughter, Jordan.  Nine years ago right now, it was Friday afternoon and I was packing to go to a weekend conference with my husband about four hours from home.  Our first child was due on Monday, I'd seen the doctor that afternoon and was given the green light to leave town, and I packed and loaded everything into the car.  About 7 p.m., all was well and I headed out to get into the car.  One leg into the car, my water broke.  Twelve long hours later (and really I'm not complaining, and it wasn't much of a labor story compared to many others), my beautiful daughter Jordan Elizabeth was born.

Jordan will turn nine years old tomorrow.   She is smart as a whip, she has a kind heart, she is funny, and while she knows how to push every button I have, she is a joy to have around.  I feel some anxiety about being able to help give her the tools to create a satisfying life for herself, but I mostly am excited to see what the future brings my sweet girl. 

Enjoy your last day of being eight, kiddo!  I love you to the universe and back again.  Mama


  1. Sarah, that's one of the sweetest things I've read - - Happy Birthday Jordan!

  2. Love it! Hope she has a great birthday!

  3. So sweet! My daughter turned 12 today and was disappointed that we weren't on her letter close!

  4. Amen to that! I suspect you are doing a far better job than that for which you are willing to give yourself credit. Don't sell yourself short, Sarah. Parenting is such a tough job and we give it our best shot. Someday I hope you will look back and give yourself that acknowledgement. In the meantime enjoy Jordan Elizabeth (beautiful name).
    PS - My daughter is also an April baby - April 8th.


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