Sunday, April 8, 2012

Are we at a crossroads?

Some big serious discussions this weekend with the hubs...some things that have been floating around in my head for years, and have started getting weightier and weightier in recent months...I am so happy with his response and starting to feel like we are standing at a crossroads or on a precipice - just perched on the cusp of something magnificent.   That might just be what I've been waiting for all my life.  It is like riding an Aha! wave - no mere "aha moment" for me - and as I watch things maybe start falling into place, and spent all of church this morning (Easter season, everything is full of "new growth" and "hope" and "joy" and "promise") with tears in my eyes.  My heart feels like it is swelling to encompass everything surging through my life and mind right now.  Crazy how this can happen ... like maybe it's been brewing and maybe I have quieted my mind enough for it to break through.  I am not going into any detail right now since I don't know quite what will come of everything, but these feelings were a bit too much not to share - when I am ready to leap, rest assured you'll be hearing about it! 


  1. I am so excited for you. I have no clue where your crossroads are but it is clear that you are happy to be there. I look forward to learning more about your experience and maybe even taking a lesson.


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