Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P: Paris? Parent? Pets? Portland? People?

Today is another day where I'm having a hard time choosing a many choices and no clear winner.  So, let's just chase that stream of consciousness shall we?

Paris:  would love to see it.  Gorgeous stuff like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame and the Louvre. 

Parent:  JT wrote a great post about parenthood today, so I'm just going to direct you back to her for that topic.  Check it out here.

Pets:  Our family currently has 3 pets.  The terrier mix Lucky, adopted just about a year ago from our local animal shelter; the "grandma cat" Rita, who was Sean's cat when we met and is now about 15; and Prince Harry, the 2 year old bully cat.  My white boxer, Ande, whose picture goes with my profile, died about two years ago now from a pituitary tumor.  I still miss my 55 pound, all-elbows, lap dog.  We have toyed with the idea of getting a middle aged bigger dog of a calmer breed to see if that would help Lucky with his ADHD but I'm not sure I can handle the responsibility of yet another member of the family.

Portland:  Portland ND - lived near there for about 6 years of my childhood; Portland OR - have visited and loved it, and it's the home of my favorite beer of all time:  Widmer Hefeweizen; Portand ME - would love to go someday.

People:  I love a lot of people, I like even more people, and overall I really care about most people...but dang if I don't wish often for the peace and quiet of being left alone! 


  1. I don't care to visit Paris, but I do love Portland, OR :)

  2. I wish I liked PLANES, as the whole traveling thing would have more appeal, and be more probable!

  3. hey, thanks for the shout out! I like the way you tackled the letter P - stream of consciousness can be so rewarding. I'm certain you already know this but I, too, like people a lot but I MUST also have my solitude.


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