Tuesday, May 29, 2012

good news!

Remember that beach vacation I was swooning about a week or two ago?  That one that was 143 days away, south of Tampa, on the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico, WITH NO KIDS OR HUSBANDS?  Well, can I just say that I was never happier to realize I made a huge math error than I was when I realized I had made a huge math error ... that lovely trip begins in just 115 days (I was off by about a month).  I should never do math in my head.  And I should take more vacations. 


  1. that's always a sign that you need a vacation - when you can't do math in your head :) Oh heck! I would be on a full-time vacation if that were the case!

  2. Sadly, your 115 days away brings me to the opening months of another ten+ slog on the treadmill..... but, c'est le vie -- I will be recharged. I hope.


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