Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Mother's Day pity party

Disclaimer:  I am a very lucky person and a very lucky mama.  Most days, I can write long long gratitude lists.  Today is apparently not starting off as one of those days however, so I am going to wallow in my pity party for a moment and then, I hope, get the **** over it.

It is Mother's Day weekend and we have nothing on our agenda and the weather is gorgeous.  What I wanted was to have a fun weekend with my husband and kids, maybe squeeze in a lunch with my sister, and sort of be carefree and loose all weekend.  What I have gotten, so far, is squat.  Perhaps even less than squat, since I had to do some housework yesterday and then when I tried to spend the afternoon browsing around some stores, the kids rebelled and were a complete pain in my backside.  So instead I spent the afternoon in my chair, watching TV, and poking around on  That is not what I wanted to be doing.

Then my husband and my eldest go shopping.  That amused me.  They couldn't take my younger daughter "because she can't keep a secret".  As far as I can tell, they went to Fleet Farm and I was presented with a bag of circus peanuts upon their return.  On our earlier shopping trip, I had the kids pick out a hanging basket of flowers that I called my Mother's Day present.  Truly, I want no present.  But if you are going to buy me one, I am enough of a jerk to say it then better be a good one.  A bag of circus peanuts is not a good one. 

I was up by 5:30a both yesterday and today thanks to the stupid animals.  I told my husband I wanted the teenage cat put in the porch overnight, in hopes that he would then not torment the dog into waking me up.  And since husband is the last one to bed at night...yeah, cat has not been in porch yet.  And when I hollered "***********" at 5:27a this morning when the cat had the dog barking his fool head off in the stairwell, in hopes it woudl wake my husband up and then he'd decide to get up and let me go back to sleep...yeah well, that didn't happen either. 

One of my friends presented the Mother's Day quandry to me on Friday - is it about surrounding ourselves with our loved ones or getting the heck away from them all to spend the day alone?  I definitely know what she's talking about.  But if I were away at a spa this weekend, I'd be missing my family and itching to get the **** massage over with so I could get home.  I know that about myself.  I just need to wallow a little once in a while to remind myself how good I have it. 

Happy Mother's Day to me, and let's hope the pity party is over!


  1. These holidays can be so complicated. Sometimes, no matter how hard Hallmark tries, the days just don't live up to the hype. I was a little cranky this morning too, when I had to take the dog out at 6:00 a.m., thinking, humph, it's mother day for pete's sake...stupid dog.
    Anyway, Happy Mother's Day :)

  2. What's up with these dogs? Ours were being anooying at 5:30 as well!
    Wallow away, Sarah! We have our ups and downs and you sure can't deny them. Yesterday was lovely here with the wonderful Mr Sun but today dawns chilly and foggy - WAAAAAAAAAAA! The typical coastal pattern......But I still feel deprived.
    I hope the day turns around for you - maybe take some alone time for half the day while you tell the family to clean up the place???
    I will take the ***** dogs for a walk now and return to nap later in the day -

  3. It was mother's day, for crying out loud - - you can wallow if you want! My mother's day didn't go exactly as planned - - it was in part very crappy. But, all in all, I guess we both know we are blessed with wonderful families! And I love circus peanuts!! hahaha

  4. Our dogs were barking early too, but since I had gotten up with them on Saturday, I poked (or jammed) my finger into my husband until he woke up enough to hear them. Then he quietly got up (he was still so sleepy he thought I was asleep) and let them out. They promptly started throwing themselves against the bedroom door in an attempt to get to me. So I was up early, but swarmed with loving dog attention. It turned out okay, although Mother's Day expectations never quite match up with reality!


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