Monday, May 7, 2012


I feel the need to share some positive energy with the blog-world today, so let's see what I've got in the hopper!

I am grateful for a weekend that, while busy, was also relaxing.  I spent most of it with my husband and kids, a little with my parents and sister and nieces, and even a little down time with friends.  We celebrated a birthday, a prom, and a piano recital, and also spent about an hour or so (as a family) volunteering our time and a little sweat.

I got to walk the dog twice yesterday in my favorite kind of misty not-really-raining rain.  Loved it.  I learned that my cat, who loves to dart outside the minute he sees the chance, does not like wet grass.  He turned tail and headed right back in. 

I feel incredibly lucky to have a healthy family.  I don't remember the last time we had to take a child in for more than a check up and I am so grateful for that. 

I am so glad that I come to work every day.  I may not always like what I do, but I respect and admire my co-workers, I appreciate the support we all provide for each other, and I know at the end of the day that I am being useful, that I am using the gifts I've been given, and that I have made a difference in the world through my work.  That's some powerful stuff and it was all I hoped for when I went to law school. 

I still have that feeling that something amazing is waiting out there for me, just beyond the horizon.  I find it really amusing that I am so easily sitting back, smiling, and waiting for it.  It's coming ... I have no doubt of that ... but I'm not pushing to get there sooner, or obsessing about what it will bring, or worrying myself over whether I'll recognize it when it gets here, or panicking over whether I'll be ready. 

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  1. Love this post, Sarah! And love that you sound so happy :)


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