Monday, May 14, 2012

Good times!

My wallowing has served its purpose and I have turned that nasty corner into a more positive place!  Hurray!  I forced myself to re-read my post from yesterday a couple times and while it is the way I was feeling, it was such a good impetus to push me past the negativity and self-centered whining and into the sunshine. 

Yesterday, we ended up taking the kids mini-golfing and then bummed around some tourist shops and then out to a new frozen yogurt bar in our area (Cherry Berry - anyone heard of it?  Yum!)  And as we walked along at one point, I had us all hold hands in a circle and then tugged everyone in for a group hug - because even if there is (as there always is) room for improvement, I am blessed and I know it.  Thank you to Sean, Jordan and Brooke for a mostly-marvelous day!

And, as often happens when I am turning corners, I had a dream last night that helped calm my brain, and then a "hey what a great idea!" moment about how to approach our lack of communication issues too ... and took the first step to bring it to fruition this morning.

As I often hear in Al Anon or other self improvement arenas, when you clear the clutter in your mind, the often simple solutions will present themselves.  And I love it when it happens!!!


  1. Sarah, glad you had a nice day . . .hugs always help :)

  2. hmmmmm - clearing the clutter....I guess I did that today. I got out of the fog in my town and made an impulsive trip up to my mother's place (about two hours north). It is a beautiful drive and is above the fog stuff - good for clearing out clutter. It also helped to play hooky from work for a day.

  3. I had to remind myself of how blessed I really am, when I came home from work on Monday and the house was tornado'd. Not sure how it went from party clean on Sunday, to super messy on Monday, except I'm sure it had a lot to do with teenagers. I may have shed some exhausted tears, then went outside to sit and enjoy the sun. Dinner was late to the table, but at least it got there and I felt better. And the kids did the dishes.


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