Friday, June 1, 2012

Welcome to June!

Today is June 1.  My girls finished school yesterday - can't believe I now have a 2nd and 4th grader!  What a great year they had in school.  How jealous am I (every year) of summer vacation.  My younger daughter asked me the other day "Mommy, when is your last day of work?"  Oh how I wish!

On the other hand, my husband the SAHD is now on full-time daddy duty.  I don't really envy that either.  I'm pretty excited though, because this is the first summer that we've been able to sign the kids up for community ed activities since taxi-dad is one of Sean's SAHD duties.  Brooke gets 2 rounds of summer school this summer, Jordan is taking 3 different community ed courses, and they both can do vacation Bible school at church this year.  And hopefully we can figure out activities and "field trips" and even some math skills time to keep them all busy (and off the electronic screens) this summer. 

But it is always an adjustment for me to get up and get ready for work while everyone else sleeps.  Why oh why did I not become a teacher, so I could have the thrill of "last day of school!!!" and then the anticipation in a few months of "first day of school!!!"  Happy summer vacation everyone!


  1. Our last day of school is June 21, but with the kids having summer jobs, this summer won't be quite the same. I know I'm going to miss their usual, relaxed, stay at home, lazy summer days!

  2. I know the feeling, Sarah :( But, like I told Graciewilde, for the entire summer I get the first shower and can take all the hot water I want! AND, I won't have to clean the house much because my husband is pretty good about that when he's home :)

  3. Friday was my last day with kids at school (I still have a couple of weeks of admin work). I will have about six weeks off before gearing up big time for another year. It sounds like the girls are going to have a great summer and Sean will have his fill of kid stuff. Work or no work, there is something leisurely about the long days in the summer time. Perhaps it is too hot where you are but there, the temp seldom gets above 85. Nice.


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