Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Where are my superhero powers when I need them? And other random thoughts.

I don't like to blog about my work, but suffice it to say that I am feeling like a Regular Joe, thrown into a job for Superman lately.  I am not without some skills but the things I'm facing seem to require superpowers and I'm feeling extremely inadequate trying to make do.  It's hard and it's draining and I find myself wishing desperately for something to give.

 On a happier note, the "no screens from 8-4" rule has been upheld for 2 days so far.  I truly think, if we stick to our guns (and by "we", I mean Sean, since he's the one at home with the kids), the habit will be formed and everyone will be happier.  I am particularly thrilled that Sean has also followed the rule and the family room TV remains off as well.  I am very encouraged with the summer vacation routine so far.

I am not really up to speed on social networking.  I do have Facebook - for personal contacts, but no link to my blog there - and have both a Twitter account and a LinkedIn account.  I rarely post anything on Twitter, though I am amused by following certain celebs and what they write about and do follow a few bloggers too, and I never do anything with LinkedIn.  Does anyone know what LinkedIn is even for?  As best I can tell, other than listing your name and basic bio information, anything else costs money.  Why in the world would anyone pay for LinkedIn?

I spent a lot of time thinking about folks with struggles on my walk with the dog this morning.  I'm sure I don't even remember everyone I've read about in the last couple weeks that has some new stuff going on in their life, but I used my 20 minutes to send up some thoughts and caring to them as I walked.  And I came away with my usual reactions - appreciating just how lucky I am. 

And now it's time to put on my Superman suit and head to work, to beat my head against a wall for what I hope is a short, default hearing.  Lucky for me today, once it is over, I get to leave for the day since Sean has some appointments out of town. 


  1. Struggles? I don't worry about struggling; I worry about the struggle stopping. Thanks for your kind thoughts.

  2. Sarah, I always look forward to your posts. They always make me think and feel. Thank you!

  3. I'll just take the super heroes, please.....I don't want their powers. I simply want them to come on the screen now and save me.
    And I like your no screen 8-4 routine. That puts some strong limits on that business and, from where I sit and what I see every work day, that is a good thing.
    Social networking? Yes, I have a FB page but that is really more about keeping up with the family - photos and such - I occasionally post a quote or make a comment on someone else's post but mostly, I am uninterested. Linked in? Yeah, I guess I have one of those - only know that b/c I get requests from people who want something from me. I ignore them. Tweet? I am not in that world.
    Sometimes I am sorely tempted to lose the FB thing. But then I remember the photos of the babies and little kids that I wouldn't get to see. Those photos make me smile so I keep FB around.
    How is your head from all that beating against the wall? Mine is better now after a glass of a local pinot noir:)))))

    1. Turned into a six hour contested hearing - BLAH!!!! But I took the kids to hear a family music guy tonight and enjoyed 45 minutes with my arms around my girls (one on my lap and the other under my arm), and decided I'd probably make it through another day.

  4. I'm with Judy. I often find other bloggers on my mind as well...I truly feel like I'm friends with you guys even though we've never met in person. By the way, if you find some superpowers, please send some my way as well:)

    We have no TV and it is so liberating, I love it. Hope your guys will too!


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