Thursday, June 14, 2012

He baked a cake!

I came home from work yesterday and found that my husband had baked a cake!  He got his one year medallion at his home meeting last night and baked a cake to take along.  Just two weeks ago, the girls wanted to make a pan of some rice krispie bar type treat and he gamely gave it a go.  I asked him if he had ever made anything like that before - nope.  So I asked him about the cake - ever done that before?  Nope.  I think he was a little proud of himself!  In the past, he'd just buy treats at the grocery store ... I have to wonder what has come over him.  He just shrugged when I asked.  It makes me smile, whatever it is. 


  1. When you have something to celebrate you bake a cake. Makes sense to me :)

  2. Cute :) I bet your kids loved it!!

  3. Good for Sean! A few nights ago, RR decided he wanted to cook a dessert with the cherries that are abundant off the trees right now. He got out a cookbook and figured out a recipe and was like the mad scientist that he can be. In the end, he wasn't so happy with his dessert but I thought it was fun to watch him.
    I think I should bake more cakes!

  4. Yay Sean! I picture full home-cooked meals (that you don't have to make!) in your future:)


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