Friday, June 8, 2012

My heart is smiling

My kids - ages 9 and 7.5 - have never had any interest in the telephone.  They rarely talk on the phone, even when we try to get them to talk to grandparents, etc., they almost never call anyone, and never ever do they try to answer the phone.  Today I had a voice mail from my elder daughter at work (a first!) and when I called back she answered ... all to tell me that the little white things we saw on the milkweek plants several days ago, and thought might be eggs, were eggs and now we have a few more monarch caterpillars in our container!  AAAAAANNNNDDD, in her excited words "one of the caterpillars has gotten so fat, I thought it was a .... a .... well I don't know what I thought it was but it is really really fat!"  That call simply made my day. 

Jordan and I are pretty proud of ourselves because I read something about finding monarch eggs and then nurturing the caterpillars, and that night we went looking at milkweed plants and found leaves with the aforementioned "little white things" and also found two plants with the teeniest little striped monarch caterpillars I ever saw.  So we made a little home for them and are waiting to see if we get chrysalises and ultimately monarch butterflies too! 


  1. What great things you are teaching your children! To be so excited about the little white things that she actually called you! It's amazing how the little things just mean so much!!!!

    By the way, I kinda know how your children feel about the phone - I HATE IT! Hate talking in it, hate answering it. Just hate it!

    1. Me too Judy! Caller ID has been a fabulous invention for me. It's really nice, actually, that the kids are oblivious to the phone most of the time. Their days will come soon - I can imagine the "but I will DIIIIIIIE without a cell phone mom!" in another year or two...

    2. We don't even have a land line anymore -- so so nice! Nobody ever calls me anyway, so now I don't have to stress when I hear the phone ringing :)

  2. Lucky girls to have you in their lives!
    I never answer the phone at home - when it rings it is either a robot call, a call for RR, or something with which I don't want to deal -- I let the answering machine pick it up. Soony Boy and Sissy Girl always communicate via iphone -- RR is the only one who is attached to the line land.

  3. How wonderful! My daughter collects snails. I made the mistake of explaining to her about caterpillars and their life cycle, and now she insists that snails will turn into caterpillars. And I cannot dissuade her of this notion.


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