Saturday, June 2, 2012

I love my sister!

First trip to my hometown area of the month - 2 more to go.  This was just a quickie - chance to spend a little quality time with my sister and nieces, and lend a little moral support to my parents who had a moving sale/garage sale, in preparation for what they hope will be a move from their home of the last 20 years to a condo on the golf course across town.  We picked a gorgeous day to hang out and had a great day.  It is so re-charging for me to hang with my sister, particularly when we don't have any big things going on.  I'm so excited that I'll be seeing her for good chunks of time on three weekends this month. 

Tomorrow we have to map out the kids week at home.  Focus on outdoor activities and avoiding screen-time.  I'm hoping that if we have an organized plan for the kids - with a good balance of small chore and other more fun things - life will run smoothly and without a lot of stress for Sean.  I'd like him to enjoy this opportunity of being a SAHD as much as possible, even as he has his eye on going back to work soon. 

And then it's back to the races for another week.

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  1. Hope your week is going well, and yay! for recharging times with family/friends!!


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