Sunday, February 12, 2012

Remember when 7:00 p.m. Tuesday meant something?

My younger daughter has been excited for three days about a new episode of some TV show ... first it was "when is Sunday? the new show is on Sunday!", then I looked up the schedule and learned that it was on at noon on Sunday, so then it became "is it 12 o'clock yet?  when will 12 o'clock get here?" Sean and I started talking about how funny it is that our kids - in the era of DVRs and On Demand and NetFlix and all that - have no idea what it was to have one shot to catch a new TV episode and if you missed it, you were out of luck until summer rerun season.  It was kind of cool, for today, to have my kids super excited for 12 o'clock Sunday to catch the latest episode of some show...

What I remember, all these years later, is that the Wonderful World of Disney was at 6p on Sunday, Happy Days was Tuesdays at 7p, Laverne & Shirley at 730p and I *think* Welcome Back Kotter and Mork & Mindy were on Tuesday nights too at some point,, Charlie's Angels at 9p on Wednesdays (had to get special dispensation to stay up for that)...

Remember having only 1 TV and, no remote control?  Made easier by only having five channels of course. 

This story doesn't have quite the same ring as my parents' stories of walking to school, in the snow, uphill both ways, toting their books and a French horn, but I suspect it will be one of my versions of how much harder I had it in my childhood!  hahahahahahahah!


  1. I have thought about this as post around Netflix - for the letter N in the A to Z thing I am thinking of doing -- okay, here are my contributions : Laugh In (Monday at 8:00), Gilligan's Island (Fridays at 8:00?), All in the Family (Saturdays at 8:00), Mary Tyler Moore (Saturdays at 8:30), Mannix (Saturdays at 10:00 - HUGE dispensation required for that one but by then I was in high school), Ed Sullivan (Sundays at 8:00), and on and on and on :)

  2. The tiny TV that I remember during most of my growing up years was black and white.....when we got a VCR, we got a color TV, and the combination was so thrilling!

    1. We had a color TV from about the time I was six, but my parents didn't break down and buy a VCR until I was married and out of the house. I was pretty bitter.

  3. This cracked me up. I was just thinking about these kinds of advancements the other day--my DVR messed up and I missed an episode of something and at first was momentarily heartbroken and then remembered--oh, I can just catch it online. It's definitely a whole different world.


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