Saturday, February 18, 2012

A good night

My husband and kids indulged me last night, as we road tripped 2 hours to see my niece play basketball.  It also happened that my sister has my brother's 2 younger kids staying with her this weekend, so I knew I would get to see my sister's three kids, plus my other niece and nephew.  AND one of the girls on the basketball team, who was injured a couple of weeks ago, was only 12 points from reaching the 1000 point mark, so I hoped to be present for that milestone, plus I always love visiting my alma mater high was a good night. 

Unfortunately, my niece's team lost, but her teammate did make her 12 points, despite really looking "off" due to her shoulder injury, so I got to be part of the cheering throng as she reached her major milestone (as a 10th grader!).  Due to the loss, my niece was not in any mood to socialize, but she sent me a text after the game, she knew we were there, and she appreciated it. 

My nephew, after complaining about how much I was yelling during the game (I am a fan - a mostly-positive vocal fan), then moved over to stand by me when I moved away from the rest of the group since I couldn't sit still and need to stand.  He loves me just like his big brother does!  My brother's daughter also came over to stand by me for a while, filling me in on her activities and upcoming events.  I also gave her the necklace I made her for her upcoming birthday and she really liked it.  Yay!

And as always, my sisters two younger daughters were full of hugs and smiles, always happy to have my family around. 

It might be a bit of a hike to road trip down for events, but I never regret it.  I love being part of my family, and my hometown community too. 


  1. 1,000 points as a tenth grader? So much excitement for a two hour road trip. You are such the consummate fan-can't even sit down. I enjoyed hearing about your return to your alma mater. And your niece sticking with the team, after a loss…I don't guess that comes as a surprise. :)

  2. I tell you - there is something really great attending niece and nephew events. Families remember the support and the sacrifice of time. It shows where priorities are and that is immeasurable.

  3. Yikes - you are a better auntie than I am (for sure). I would be hard pressed to travel four hours in one evening for anything, let alone a b-ball game. I do love being part of my family though (fortunately, for me, most of them are not big sports players.....).


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