Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My dog the blogger...

My girls and I laughed some months ago when our neighbor talked about taking their dog for a walk so he could check his "pee mail".  But now after observing my little terrier mix, I have decided he is really more of a blogger.  Lucky does not just check one or two particular "in boxes" when we are out walking - he browses a variety of sites, paying more attention to some than others.  Some he is nearly wild to reach every time we head out for a walk, others he notes in passing or only on occasion. 

Lucky's reaction to various sites also varies.  Some get a quick read, others cause him to linger and even paw around for more information, most get a responsive "comment".  Some places even cause him to burrow like the terrier he is, snuffling around to find every possible scent of interest. 

Yes,  my dog is a blogger.  Intrepid and always curious.  Good dog. 


  1. For a while when we would take our "cuter than an ordinary pomeranian" for a walk, she would come to one house where a larger dog lived, inside a fence, and they would play and run together for a long time. After a while, our dog became indifferent . . . and sometimes wouldn't even look at the other dog. Kind of snobby, I think. But it was kind of interesting to me.

  2. Our Beagles never forget a spot where they found food. Once, they found a cheese sandwich on the sidewalk and for months after, their excitement and urgency to get to that corner was so funny! They'd be food bloggers....

  3. We have a little terrier mix too - Ellie. She is a bundle of curious energy and grand affection. And total mutt - adorable.
    I like your description of both bloggers and dogs -- I want to be intrepid and I am definitely always curious.


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