Saturday, February 4, 2012

...and now it escapes me

Last night, on my way home from work, I had a pile of posts in mind.  In fact, I was going to start the first one with "beware readers, the next 24 hours are likely to be busy..." because I expected to write post after post after post to liberate all the swirling thoughts from my head.

Our usual Friday night goes something like this:  I get home from work and change clothes and walk the dog, then we go to Subway for supper, then we go to a facility that hosts not only an AA meeting but an Al Anon meeting and provides child care (because of some signage in the daycare area, my kids have dubbed this "going to Rainbow Club"), and then we come home and after a little bit of wind-down time, get the kids to bed, usually followed shortly by me heading to bed too.  Add to last night's schedule, my need to watch my niece play BB via live stream on the computer and the disappointment that comes with watching her play her heart out but lose the game.  So by 9p, when I had gotten the kids to bed, I had lost all of those swirling thoughts to the Friday night exhaustion.

This morning I got up and had some time with myself, my coffee cup, and the laptop.  But not much was forthcoming.  I honestly have no clue what the topics of those swirling thoughts were yesterday.  I think between wrapping up the River of Stones challenge, and then starting the February NaBloPoMo challenge, I was feeling that I hadn't done much of my usual writing, and then all the possibilities started presenting themselves...but, alas, they are now gone with the wind. 


  1. I hate it when that happens! A great idea or two hits, but not at the right time and I can't get to the computer to write. I try to jot it down on whatever is handy, which is why there are scraps of paper littering our computer desk and forming a nest in my purse!

  2. That happened so regularly with me, that Annie bought me a little red notebook, that fits in the pocket of my cargo pants. Now I jot down a word or phrase, and it helps me keep track of a couple of those swirling ideas. I need all the help I can get.

  3. I feel your pain. I started jotting down key words on a scrap of paper and/or saving them in the notes of my phone. Now I either lose the paper or can't remember what the hell the keyword refers to. It's maddening.


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