Friday, February 10, 2012

My 100th Blog Post!

Just realized this milestone was here...99 items posted on this little blog-o-mine so far. And with this post, I am into triple digits!!!

I think I've been at this blogging thing for something like 10 weeks now - and I'm finding it very freeing and thought provoking and amusing and fun.  I like the writing - it's like the stuff I used to write in letters when I was in college.  I would sit in class and take notes, follow along in the book, and write letters to my high school friends.  I enjoy the writing when it comes out easily but I struggle when I want to write something that takes more effort, but all in all, once I'm writing, I'm happy about it. 

What I didn't expect was that other people would read my blog and leave such nice and friendly and interesting comments that I would look forward to opening my email every morning, not just to see what real life friends and family may have emailed me, but to see what my new blog-friends had to say.  It is a thrill to be read ... I didn't really know to expect that. 

I love to tell stories.  I love to share my observations about certain things.  I also tend to vent when I get irritated.  But what has been really great is to have a place to write down the crap floating around in my head, particularly if I can get them out before that crap starts to really spin and tangle itself up.  It organizes my thoughts to explain whatever is starting to spin and it frees up space in my head to get those thoughts out.  And often I can let certain threads go, once they are out there.  This blog has done a lot already to bring a much more relaxed vibe to my thought processes and boy did I need it!

Here's to another 100!


  1. Happy to have been along for the ride. ;)

  2. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I wish I could make the time to write something every day. I almost always at least have time to read and comment on a few blogs at the end of a day but I want to be able to do 100 posts in 10 weeks too! Wait until July (that's my month off!).

  3. You and I started to blog at the same time. I agree that "it is a thrill to be read." I have been posting longer, but that is not the same thing as blogging, which is a two-way street. As far as venting, your site, your agenda. Venting on paper allows much of the steam to evaporate of its own accord. Self-applied therapy. Cheap and entertaining.


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