Monday, March 12, 2012

A typical vacation day

Oh my lord, we got to our hotel near 3 a.m. last night.  My eldest daughter (age 8) stayed awake the entire time, to my shock.  She told me while we were waiting to get off the plane in Orlando that she hadn't wanted to sleep, in case we crashed and she needed to act quickly to escape.  She is a unique child.

But, as usual, I am awake at 7:00a (which would be 6:00a back home - my 'usual').  There are blinds on the windows but nothing to darken the room, so I am amazed that Sean and the girls are still asleep.  Good on them!  I hope they sleep a long time.

This is how our vacations always go - whether we are in a lovely 2 bedroom suite as we are now - or in a one room discount motel where I can't turn on lights and have to muck about in the dark on my own.  I am up, longing for coffee, and everyone else is still snoring.  Except for the coffee part, I am more than pleased with the situation as it stands now - have a kitchen and living room (and patio for that matter) all to myself. 

We planned today to recover from the long travel day yesterday, so I don't have to push.  That will start tomorrow when we start the theme park craziness that will consume our next six days - I can't wait but my feet are tired just thinking about it.  For this moment, I need to investigate and address my coffee situation at this lovely vacation location...


  1. Sarah, I am so so jealous! Have a wonderful Disney time!!

  2. Happy Vacationing! You are missed here, of course, but I can't wait to hear the theme park stories.

    I recommend Dr. Scholl's inserts, a few aspirins and an OJ for the Disney marathon! Have fun!


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