Friday, March 2, 2012

Fresh from my junk mail box:

Ever had those days where you look at the spam in your email box and revel in the sheer random stupidity of the messages themselves, and anyone who would think they were legitimate?  Today was another of those days for me.  I give you my list of spam that awaited me this morning:

From:                                             Message tag:                                 You Have won the sum of $1,000,000.00 Legally (oh thank you FBI for (a) giving me money and (b) assuring me that it is all LEGAL!)

Billie Dean                                     SAVE HUGE ON MEDICATION          You Have Won ([symbol for pounds] 950,000.00)

Sarah                                            I found you (well thank God because I have been waiting to be found)

Luxury-Replicas                            High Quality Top Brand Watches, Purses, Jewelry, andMuch More (think this is where the Kardashians get their crap?)

Kandra Hannelore                         MenMax Pills - Erection Pill 95% Success Rate, MenMax is Powerful! 6m6i (of course, there are always the spam emails touting pills to make it bigger, stronger, faster...whatever Kandra!)

adminsaleshopsss0ATmail...           NEW PHARMACY ONLINE (FREE PILLS) (yeah, nothing creepy about offering to send free pills...)

In order to justify the continued spam emails, these companies must get some response and make some money, or they wouldn't do it.  So who in this day and age is dumb enough to believe they got a junk email announcing they won a million bucks?  I am quite sure you would be required to disclose private data in order to "register" to receive your prize...seriously, do people still do this??? 

And as for the companies sending out prescription meds over the a prosecutor married to a pharmacist with first hand knowledge of addiction to prescription medication, HOLY CRAP! 

The world is a strange place, with predators potentially around every corner.  What starts out as humorous to me, quickly devolves into a risk and safety assessment. 


  1. Love this! I delete my spam asap - don't look at it, don't open it - but it does amaze me how much Viagra and Eztenz crap I get - I don't know any boy named Judy OR Sarah :)

  2. I cannot figure out the whole spam thing at all. How do they make any money? Like you said, are there really people around who follow up on this stuff?
    The world is, indeed, a strange place.

  3. It's truly alarming, but there really must be someone somewhere falling for it, or, like you said, they wouldn't keep doing it, right? I think some people are so desperate for whatever (money, bigger, faster, stronger junk, free pills!) that they will believe anything.


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